The advantage of multiple input modalities is increased usability: the weaknesses of one modality are offset by the strengths of another. Content validity and construct validity justifies its inclusion in physical examination.

Wikipedia describes multimodal systems as systems with multimedia displays and multimodal output, primarily in the form of visual and auditory cues. Interface designers have also started to make use of other modalities, such as touch and olfaction. Proposed benefits of multimodal output system include synergy and redundancy. The information presented via several modalities is merged and refers to various aspects of the same process. The use of several modalities for processing exactly the same information provides an increased bandwidth of information transfer. Currently, multimodal output is used mainly for improving the mapping between communication medium and content and to support attention management in data-rich environment where operators face considerable visual attention demands.

A systematic review was performed using medical text, journals, news articles, and abstracts from online recourses. Content validity supports measuring inflammation and confirms that each device detects individual aspects of inflammation. A minimum of five experts on each of the four devices was used to identify content validity.