This paper examined inflammation as the underlying cause of pain and used content validity content validity to evaluate the usefulness of four devices to measure aspects of inflammation that causes pain. We did a systematic review of medical text, journals, news articles and abstracts from online recourses support the ABATE Qr as measuring devices for inflammation.

This paper intends to demonstrate that a multimodal device, with the combined functionality of algometers, galvanometers, thermography, and stethoscopes measuring Myofascial Trigger Points (MFTPs) will meet the criteria for Evidence-Base Practice Guidelines.

Through independent literature reviews, this paper will examine:

  • Existence of a pain epidemic and its consequences on the individual, the health care system, and on society
  • Inflammation or MFTP as the measurable aspect of pain
  • Massage therapy as an effective treatment for MFTPs
  • Evidence Based Medicine guidelines improving the quality of pain treatment and outcomes
  • Popular pain measurements are subjective
  • Objective pain measurement tools and how they can meet the standards of Evidence-Based Medicine.

The rational for this paper is a response to a need for objective measurement tools to treat MFTPs and pain. This paper contains researched studies on palpitations, medical biosensors, and diagnostic tools. This paper examines inflammation as a cause for potential measurements available non-invasively to be measured from the skin’s surface areas. This paper will review abstracts that rationalize palpation as a tool for inflammation, Pain Pressure Tolerance (PPTs), swelling, redness, sweat, heat, and loss of function.

The literature rational includes abstract citations from online research of databases including, Medline, PubMed, JAMA etc quoting a minimum of five experts on four separate diagnostic tools. We also examined studies on inflammation for a biologically-based rationale for measurements devices for scientific merit content using validity.