Jocelyn W. Cowie is a Registered Medical Massage Therapist (RMT), an acknowledged expert in pain and sports injury treatment, an investigative researcher/inventor, as well as CEO and founder of ASSESSx Technology Ltd.  She also runs Ponderosa Pines Mountain Spa in Grand Forks, BC.

She has designed the ABATE Qr; a medical device that locates, images, and treats pain. She has had numerous research papers and abstracts published.  Among them is, A Multi-Modal Biosensor to Measure Soft Tissue Pain and Myofacial Trigger Points (MFTPs) for Evidence Based Practice published in the 2012 Fascia Research III Congress. She has chaired the Massage Therapy Association BC Research Committee and organized the Vancouver Humanities Symposium, Vancouver, BC.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Letter of recommendation by International Baseball Dominican Republic International Baseball Team Manager, Coach, Scouts and players following the Grand Forks World Cup Challenge
  • Letter of recommendation by John Yates Research Director Massage Therapist Association of BC West Coast College of Massage Therapy Inc.

Letters of Reference

  • Letter of reference by Anita Krause S. Committee Chair Overwaitea Foods Grand Forks, BC
  • Letter of reference by Steve Swenson, Vice Principal of Continuing Education “Massage Techniques for the Layperson”