Bing Dai

Bing Dai

Bing Dai is XPCP’s alumnus and ambassador based in Shenzhen, China. Bing Dai was an Analyst and later Business Development at XPCP from September 2012 to April 2015. She is now building her startup in China. Bing Dai is part of XPCP’s global alumni network. She welcomes XPCP’s business partners and contacts to reach out to her anytime at bing at xpcp dot ca. Bing is an adviser to ASSESSx.

John B. Armstrong

John B. Armstrong, MD, PhD

John B. Armstrong, MD, PhD is a graduate of McGill University where he received an MD and a PhD in neuroscience. He completed full post-graduate training in clinical neurology at McGill’s Montreal Neurological Institute and at the University of Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children where he was Staff Neurologist and subsequently Staff Neurologist at The Montreal Children’s Hospital. Dr. Armstrong is a graduate of McGill University where he received an MD and a PhD in neuroscience. John is an adviser to ASSESSx.

“[Doctors] do the best we can, we try to show through a range of functions – a limited movement – why is [the movement] limited? Because it hurts.” The difficulty lies in proving that it hurts, other than just having to take a person’s word for it, said Armstrong. “What we’d like to be able to see is some evidence of [pain], some measurable evidence in a form of imaging or a data collection system Armstrong said, that is where Jocelyn’s System comes in to play”

David Crais

David Crais, Early Innovator in Point of Care Testing David R. Crais is an experienced business development manager advisor having served as VP Sales, COO, and President and CEO. His experience extends from healthcare and medical services, to international trade, export and finance, to energy and oil and gas. He has held positions in Los Angeles, New Orleans, Chicago, and Mexico City, Mexico. David is an adviser to ASSESSx.

Paul Casey, MSc, MBA

Paul Casey is a Senior Sales, Marketing and Business Development professional with over 12 years experience in the medical industry. Strong leader who consistently identifies innovative and mutually beneficial agreements leading to substantial business growth. Scientific and business education coupled with domestic and international business experience in medical diagnostics and animal pharmaceuticals industries. Proven track record of penetrating and developing new markets. Excellent communicator capable of seamlessly interacting with a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders to reach growth objectives. Paul is an adviser to ASSESSx.

The Whole Team

The Whole Team

The Development Team – Walter, Jocelyn, Barry, and Lorraine are creating an awesome team; complementing each other with their skills and experience.
We only hire the best of the best, because we offer the best.

Jocelyn W. Cowie, Chief Executive Officer - CEO and Inventor

Jocelyn W. Cowie, Chief Executive Officer – CEO and Inventor

Jocelyn W. Cowie is a Registered Medical Massage Therapist (RMT), an accredited specialist in pain and sports injury treatment, an investigative researcher/inventor, as well as CEO and founder of ASSESSx Technology Ltd. She is a Certified Educator of RMT. She operates Ponderosa Pines Mountain Spa in Grand Forks, BC.

She has designed the ABATE Qr; a medical device that locates, images, and treats pain. She has had numerous research papers and abstracts published. Among them is, A Multi-Modal Biosensor to Measure Soft Tissue Pain and Myofacial Trigger Points (MFTPs) for Evidence Based Practice published in the 2012 Fascia Research III Congress. She has chaired the Massage Therapy Association BC Research Committee and organized the Vancouver Humanities Symposium, Vancouver, BC.


Barry R. Dick, Programmer

Barry R. Dick is developing the user interface for the ABATE Qr the medical device that will locate, image, and treat pain. His passion lies in troubleshooting and finding solutions to problems. Barry is a self-taught programmer. He has taught himself the following languages: Borland/Embarcadero Delphi, C, Node.js (Socket Program), Python (OOP), PHP, Perl, Bluetooth, MySQL (SQL), xHTML, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Lorraine H. Dick

Lorraine H. Dick, Technical Writer

Lorraine H. Dick, BA, has more than twenty years-experience in technical writing, information management, and training-related activities. She is a natural-born trainer. Her passion is learning and applying that learning to finding better ways to explain ideas, develop, and improve procedures. Her desire is to combine her skills and interests in computers and technology with writing and editing, in a position where she can make a positive impact. Her claim to fame is that she designed the jigsaw puzzle logo before Microsoft did.

Lorraine is a self-starter and team-builder. She possesses outstanding organizational abilities and interpersonal skills. As a technical writer, she has participated in the entire software development process from analyzing function specs, to reporting bugs, to writing release notes. She has been responsible for managing her team’s work. Lorraine has produced user manuals, online help, release notes, quick starts, reference guides, policy and procedure manuals, training manuals, and web pages for various software systems such as terminal emulation, integration, retail, financial, and records management. She is working on The Worst Words in Technical Writing.

Evelyn Sather

Evelyn Sather, Corporate Secretary

Evelyn Sather is our Corporate Secretary. Evelyn brings to us her infectious personality, her enthusiasm, many years of administrative experience, and her ability to calm troubled waters.

Evelyn has held a variety of jobs that have added to her abilities to act as ASSESSx Corporate Secretary…. from office work , a fire technologist, her own home care business, and volunteer positions such as secretary to Greenwood Seniors Organization. Her hobbies include, painting, music, karaoke, gardening. (still editing)